Development of a Mobile Human-Machine Interface for Automated Home System

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Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis at the Conet Ltd was to design a prototype of a mobile control unit, which took two semesters. This company develops a building information system, and I designed one of the components.

I was acquainted with the project and I got a comprehensive picture about the operation of the unit. I reviewed the criteria of the selection of the components, their requirements and their advantages. I chose the appropriate processor. The specification, the user and design criteria are discussed in the first chapter.

I studied the theoretical basis of the desired functions and communication interfaces, and then I designed the connections between the circuit elements, the schematic, which is described in chapter two.

The main consideration is to design a reliable device, so the third chapter of the thesis includes the discussion of signal integrity, describes the main problems and their solutions. I simulate the operation of the circuit to prove the theoretical concepts.

In the fourth phase I designed the device's physical layout, the mechanical and electrical criteria in mind. The unit is a developer board, so I implemented additional peripherals and connections.

After the organization of manufacture and assembly, I performed the first tests on the finished device. The final chapter describes the programming of the unit.


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