Design of a buildings electric network and automation with KNX system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The engineer responsible for the creation of a reliable, secure network that fits the environment and meet the expected demands. The electrical design is primarily based on standards and regulations that are in compliance with the above criteria are certainly achievable.

In my thesis, I made a complete power transmission and KNX system plan of a hotel near to lake Balaton. After making the layout of the hotel, I also made a concept of the heating and mechanical system. During the design process, it was very useful, to studying the sources listed below, and using the knowledge, that I acquired during the internship program with Hungaroproject Mérnökiroda. I implemented the power transmission network plan by assessing the requirements to be implement and examining the various options, taking into account the standards and to achieve the best energy minimization.

I presented the KNX system topology and transmission structure, as well as the system tools. In the plans I used real manufacture’s devices and I completed the residential areas with building control. The plans include the topology, distribution plan and the addressing (physical, multicast). I made the plans with AutoCAD design software.


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