Touchevent-based authentication

OData support
Dr. Szegletes Luca
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Following touch events on mobile devices leads us to new spectrum of authentication. It gives new opportonuties to get to know better how it works, and what we can read about the user only by their touch events. The data that we can collect on mobile devices can be usable to find out, who uses it. The user who possesses the device, and detection are the key roles to create more adaptive games of education. It would be also an appreciated feature if it was real-time.

Nowadays machine learning algorithms have changed and grew, and many cases it is unavoidable to use. It is also true in touch event based authentication.

The task is to create plan and create an Android application that is able to monitor and collect relevant touch event data during at least one minigame and forward to server which is able to analyze them and give back feedback whether the user is that user who possesses the device or not. The task requires knowledge of algorithm and includes the implementation within the framework.


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