Development of a touch screen controller

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is a very wide range of control systems available for users in the industry. There is an increasing need for being able to display complex feedback by the user. The communication with computers and other communication systems is an important aspect also. The task included development of a touch-screen control, which corresponds what was described previously. It was an important aspect during the designing process that it should be easy to use and it should be used for solving complex tasks easily. The unit can be programmed locally, which increases the flexibility. In addition to the technical aspects the cost was also important.

The completed unit is a result of two years of development. The different development phases and sub-processes are presented in this document.

The first chapter includes the specification of the task. It describes the final device structure, design requirements and the current state of development.

The second chapter presents the developed programming language. It describes the instructions and associated parameters, includes the using of the built-in modules.

The third chapter describes the structure of the prepared device with the help of a block diagram and it introduces some key features, functions and describes the major hardware components of the individual modules. The chapter also includes a description of the connections between modules.

The fourth chapter introduces some key features, functions and describes the major hardware components of the prepared modules. It demonstrates the test results as well.

The fifth chapter describes the specification and the use of controller programs.

The sixth chapter includes the manual of the device. It shows how to write a simple program, the use of function blocks and merker management.

The seventh chapter includes the opportunities for further development.

Appendix contains the program development summary and the schematics about the prototypes.


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