Developing a touchscreen optimized user interface of an e-banking software

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Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, mobile technology has been developing rapidly. Due to the increasing penetration of smart phones and tablets and to mobile internet, we can read the news, check the weather forecast, or we can order a pizza using these devices during travelling in the tram on the way home. An increasing number of people manage their financial issues online as well. Recognizing this situation, the financial institutions have been presenting their own mobile compatible internet banking applications one after the other.

The Online Business Technologies Plc. delivers financial systems to its partners since 1989. The topic of my thesis is, taking into consideration the partner’s demands, planning and implementing a user interface to an account managing system’s internet banking application, so that the customers of the bank could use this application comfortable and be satisfied, especially when using mobile devices.

In my thesis I present the results of my survey in connection with using mobile internet and internet banking habits. After that I generally analyse the questions that came up during the implementation of the mobile internet banking interface.

Various implementation opportunities and technologies are compared, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the different cases.

I demonstrate the implementation of a demo system, shortly present the technologies applied, expound my experiences and solutions of the problems came up during the processes of design and implementation. Finally I present the software application.


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