Power plant capacity development using energy storage solutions

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Sőrés Péter Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The Hungarian electric power industry is facing significant changes. The main mission of the industry is to provide uninterrupted and quality energy with the lowest possible environmental load. Most of our power plants are outworn, using obsolete technologies and will be stopped in a few years. These plants should be replaced, and - since the energy needs does not decline – the whole generation capacity has to be increased, so the import share and dependency on other countries can be decreased. The unstable status of present day energy politcies and the decreasing investor inclination make us say the future is unpredictable.

In my thesis, I create a map of the Hungarian power plants and the development tendencies given by energy market status. I will present a few available researches which predict the energy supplement strategies.

In the later paragraphs, I react to the problems of our energy market through suspected scenarios and modelling its effects to energy production. One of the most crucial element of the development is using energy storage devices, which can decrease the peak load on power plants. Then I will analyze and compare the expected effects of development using energy storage devices after the suspected investments with the previous state.


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