Development of a web-based interface to the production management and execution system of a power plant

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the renewable energy sources are playing an important role in the production of electricity. According to the new Renewable Energy Directive published by the EU in 2009 13% of the final energy consumption should be renewable energy by 2020.

The topic of the thesis is a data collecting system and a user interface worked by renewable energy in a straw storage. We can produce electricity and hot water with the incineration of agricultural post products (straw bales). The thesis presented an existing straw storage and its operating system. The basis of the implementation is the .NET framework: the framework and the corresponding data with the additional components will be presented in the thesis. Evaluation reports based on the data collection of the system are increasingly important in modern industrial process. In my thesis I will present this method as well.

In order to develop this system I needed to create a logging system and a database for it. In the second part of my thesis I analyzed the problems during the implementation, and tried to found the best solutions.


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