A highly interactive, lightweight education framework

OData support
Benkő Borbála Katalin
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis, I present the modern web-technologies, which are so often used due to their necessity in the realization of web-based applications. I compare the used technologies both on client and server side, then I review the main expectations of a learning management system. I present Google Web Toolkit (GWT) in details that has a point of making complex JavaScript-based applications using the popular Java language. I survey the gist of the used Model-View-Presenter design pattern, the asynchronous client-server communication, the event-handling and history management.

Using GWT I design and develop a thin client learning management system and two educational games with high interactivity that also have administrative surfaces. I elaborate on the guidelines referring to the functioning and the architecture: educational games will be presented by modules, each on conceptual and technological levels. I evaluate the developed application from the point of view of technology and examining user experience. I crayon the development and usage possibilities of the prepared learning management system and also educational games.


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