Sales portal and dashboard development in the Symfony Framework

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I present the design and implementation of a sales portal. The portal is created for a software development company that sought to integrate data from its flagship web application and from its supporting e-commerce and marketing applications, according to the needs of their sales staff.

In the beginning of my thesis I explain why the company chose to build a custom solution rather than customizing an existing enterprise portal system to their needs. I also highlight the benefits of this decision. As part of the sales portal two dashboards are also coming to life, so I take some time in this section to present the types and goals of said dashboards systems.

Then I review the existing applications that are going to be integrated with the sales portal, and I present the planned functionality for the portal. These two chapters describe what requirements the company set for the portal, what tools were available, and the obstacles and limitations I had to deal with during the implementation.

The next three chapters detail the implementation plan and the implementation process. The implementation was carried out in an iterative fashion during which all planned functionality got implemented. In the implementation plan chapter I also mention some discarded ideas and implementation alternatives.

Finally, I conclude my thesis by describing the testing of the sales portal and a couple of further development opportunities. While the finished implementation of the sales portal includes all the planned features, some other ideas came up during the development process, which will only be implemented in the future. By making the right decisions during the design period and choosing the right framework for the portal, these future developments can be carried out with ease.


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