Development of a sales portal with modern UI technologies

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spread of internet is marginalizing the traditional communication channels. This is not only true for the communication and news, but at the same time it changed the way we use other services as well. A number of shopping websites open, and larger companies are moving their activities partly to the Internet. The topic of my thesis is designing and implementing an insurance provider portal application.

This showed me the way of developing my application. I started planning the required functionalities which cover a part of the range an insurance portal may need. The plan was to create three independent part of the application, all of which serve as a representative of online economy. The insurance functionalities gather the parameters of the user’s car, the user’s personal data and additional information. At the end a printable document is presented with the customer’s data.

The second part makes easy to get into connection to the users by providing the user interface of a mailing system. Messages with different subject can be left for the operator of the site. The third and last part is created just for the administrators. They can handle the received messages and answer them on a secured interface.

After finishing the planning phase the implementation came next. A very important part was testing the application, which was a good feedback on how the implementation process was going on.


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