Development of sales system for small businesses on Microsoft SQL and ASP.NET bases

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays, various enterprise resource planning systems are getting more and more important in the life of companies. Besides planning and tracking work, assisting and tracking sales are getting priority, especially in the service industry. But besides the bigger enterprise solutions, the smaller businesses are in a need of a more specific, easier to learn and maintain software, what can be developed and upgraded with the growth of the business. A typical software of this sort is a multi-tiered application, in which the different parts can be developed independently or could be switched.

In my thesis I will create a dealer management system for a smaller business, which can simulate the information technology needs of a car service, keeping the sales and customer relations in the focus.

In my work, the main emphasis is going to be the implementation of the database. Keeping the attention on performance and developing it to be effective.

For data storage and the business logic implementation, I am going to use SQL server, and I am going to create an ASP.NET core project for the presentation and the application management.


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