Examination of securities management systems, introduction of licensing and development of supporting applications

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I analyzed the securities management systems of three banks, these are the CIB, the MKB and the Savings bank. The applied securities management systems were developed and implemented by a Hungarian company called Dorsum Zrt. The developer company were the same at this banks, but the implemented systems have different solutions. In my work I analyzed the similarities and differences of the applied technologies. The most important part of the of this systems are the database and the database management systems. The CIB and the MKB bank replaced their database management system under a new project, which was finished in 2010. The changes effected the transaction process, too, as the whole transaction process where moved to a new Java platform. This project was really important for the banks, as the old system could not handle the growing expectations of the market.

On the market the softwares what was developed by Dorsum Zrt. is known by Clavis applications. Some modules of this applications were developed in Power Builder. This modules are mostly used on the back-office part of the banks. I have developed new licensing policy for the modules, and prepared the existing applications to handle this new policy. I have also developed new applications where the users are able to generate new licence keys, and are able to store them in a database. After implementing the new licencing policy, I also developed a reporting option for the users, what allows them to optimize the new licensing policy.


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