Value editor engine for TTCN-3 language

OData support
Ziegler Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowdays it’s a requirement for an infocommunications product to go thorough testing before it’s market release. It’s important to examine if the product follows the related standards, because without them it wouldn’t be able to communicate with other devices.

Testing has different methods and phases. In the first section of my Thesis I will explain these methods, and I will give a brief description of the TTCN-3 test description language. From the specifics of the language I will put emphasis on the types. This is important to me, because the goal of my thesis is creating a graphical value editor, which enables the user friendly handling of parameters found in the testing programs configuration files.

In my thesis I successfully implemented an early version of the graphical value editor, written in the Java language. I have layed out the database and with the help of a language recognitions program I successfully developed a method for handling and processing the configuration files. I have extended the types and values in TTCN-3 to give more functionality to the user. Beside the editing and saving values to database, I made possible to save values to files. To present the correct functionality, I created a basic user interface and made a data structure to make the future development easier.

Finally I gathered the programs deficiencies and the possibilities of further development.


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