Sensor panel design for mobile robotic applications

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Kis László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

For the autonomous operation of a robot, the sensing of its internal state or the external environment is inevitable. The objective of my thesis was to design a sensor panel that allows the implementation of typical functions in mobile robotics by measuring the relevant quantities. These typical functions such as the navigation and the obstacle avoidance determine the possible sensors. However the higher level functions may demand additional sensors. The designed board must be able to connect to an existing robot controller panel. The priority is to meet the requirements of a radio controlled car, but the system can also be embedded in numerous other robots.

During my work, I chose the proper sensors considering the restrictions of the current board and the possibility of expansion. That was followed by the drawing of the schematic and the printed circuit board design. Creating a Getting started microcontroller program was also the part of my thesis in order to test the manufactured panel. The program sends the measurement results to the computer through radio communication. I also developed an application to transform and display the received data.


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