Implementing sensitivity calculations in biologic networks

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Dr. Suba Gergely
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

An active field of research trying to understand the workings of living cells is the modeling of intracellular behavior – with the help of network science for example. Biological knowledge in the field is by no means complete, thus applying methods commonly used in engineering for the mapping and understanding of these biological networks holds a lot of potential.

The work of researchers could be helped greatly by the understanding of a biological network’s sensitivity to certain perturbation effects. In my thesis, I will propose a solution to the problem usable in everyday practice. With the help of the proposed method, it will be possible to carry out such sensitivity measurements in the already available Turbine network simulation system.

My thesis will include a description of the possible computational solutions that enable the efficacious application of gradient calculations in large networks. These methods help understanding a network’s momentary state and its reaction to perturbation effects.


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