Examining the applicability of event based web servers in enterprise’s environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Public social networks have been extremely popular in the past few years. Along with this, small and medium-sized enterprises have also recognized the huge potential in the introduction of social networks in corporate environments. In this semester, I researched the possibilities for an application of non-blocking runtime environments for enterprises. In addition, I created an enterprise social network with basic functionalities. In the first chapter I investigated the additional values that an enterprise social network can provide a company with, and articulated the reasons for a company being interested in these sites. In the second chapter I researched how to apply Node.js run time environments. From the implementation perspective, I chose Node.js on the server side, therefore I needed to learn only about JavaScript and use it both on server and client side. In the third chapter I picked the additional tools and systems which are needed for Node.js in a way that accelerates the development. I used Backbone.js framework on client side, which is based on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. This makes the maintenance of the code easier. The planning and the implementation have also been made based on the MVC pattern. Plant UML tool has played an important role during the planning phase of the application development. In the fifth and final chapter, I described the deployment and the performance test of the application.


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