Event detection and evaluation in home supervising systems

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Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The thesis will present the following topics: the plans of a complex home automation system based on my preceding researches in the lsat two years, the process of the implementation and testing, and finally the results.

The main purpose of the system implementation is the continuos supervison of elderly people living alone, and activity recognition. The system gives soultions to formalize events and ectivities - especially Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – and to recognize ADLs based on the formalized event and activity description and the signals of ubiquitos sensors placed in the home environment.

In nowadays modern, developed societies, the ratio of aged people to the total population is increasing, due to the rising standard of living, and modern, developed medical interventions and preventional activities. The mental and physical disorders occuring in old age, require continuos observation, and supervision. The need for such system is highly evidenced by the above listed facts.

In the thesis, I will introduce in detail the design considerations, my research, and its results and conclusions, the formalism of event and activity description, the whole recognition process, some other applications in connection with the activity recognition, and finally the process of testing and its results.


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