“Logging for Post-Mortem Analysis” in the TitanSim framework

OData support
Ziegler Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The TTCN-3 language, which was standardized a few years ago, is the preferred solution to different testing tasks at more-and-more place nowadays. The info communication and telecommunication companies saw the opportunities in it and today serious applications are based on it.

The TTCN-3 language was used to develop an environment, what can serve the development of performance test applications. This software environment is called TitanSim. We can separate three layers inside it. The bottom layer provides the most fundamental services, which have been used also in the implemented application. The layer above this, which uses the services of the lowest, is called the Application Library (AppLib). The implemented SimpleHello AppLib belongs into this layer. The top layer is for the specific realized applications. Here we can build load test applications from the building stones of the two lower layers, which also contain the test cases to be tested.

Actually the SimpleHello AppLib would like to simulate a real network's functions. The simulation includes a simple request-response protocol, where the server can send either positive, or negative answers, can simulate message loss (i.e., no answer), and can simulate finite processing delay. In this thesis a demo system can be found with several clients and one server, which communicate with each other.

The main goal of this thesis has been the development of a special logging subsystem that is capable of logging the unsuccessful traffic flows without overflowing the disks with millions of logs statements from successful runs.

According to the measurements this solution also uses up more resources, as if we don't log anything, but less as if everything. After the running if we are curious about the incorrectly executed transactions then we don't have to search for the incorrectly executed transactions among the millions of correctly executed transactions.


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