Analysiy of precipitation noise influencing the accuracy of field mills

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The electric field mill applied in the preventive lightning protection measures the atmospheric electric field. From the changes of this field lightning activity can be estimated.

However a noise appears with the precipitation, which can influence the results.

My BSc. thesis examines the effect of this precipitation noise for the electric field mill’s measurement results.

First I give a short overview about the lightning detection systems and the preventive lightning protection, then a I write a few words about the electric field mill.

The phenomenon is reviewed by the international literature.

With the use of the department’s electric field mill I have created an experiment to find out, what effect has the precipitation noise for the measurement results.

I have created a simple computational model with the help of MATLAB, and made calculations about the relationship between the electric field and precipitation.

In the knowledge of the results I have suggested a recommendation of a solution idea.


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