Developing an E-sports Community Web Application

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years a new „industry” has been on the rise, and it’s called e-sports! People born into the Y and Z generation no longer dream about becoming a football or basketball player, but about winning an online tournament, and one can be proud to say that his job and passion is called online gaming. Naturally, just like not all kids grew up to be a striker, these dreams remain to be dreams for many. However, while chasing these dreams, one might come to adore some players, the teams they play in, and it might translate to other e-sports as well, which slowly but surely forge a community centred around this new way of entertainment.

So, the demand is given for a way to receive the newest rumours, share their opinions and even to discuss several topics regarding e-sports on an online community service. Of course, to keep the stakes high, and also to keep boredom away, they should be able to play as well. Not in the tournaments, but wagering about which team will win, who knows more about their current performance and on who will Fortuna favour this time.

The task is to create a web application where administrators and operators can manage the page from their own administration view, share news and moderate every comment made under their supervision, while also fulfilling the above defined requirements,

Within the confines of this Thesis I will introduce the scene which is e-sports, demonstrate the technologies used to create the application and show a comprehensive picture of the designing and implementation phases and functionality itself in the specification.

I have put more emphasis on the issues and hardships regarding the design and implementations, also concerning the solutions to problems related to Firebase and Angular. There is also an emphasis on the algorithmic approach to the wagering-system and constructing a practical way to show news, however, since the forum application itself is powered by an external service, and its usage is rather self-evident, its implementation shall not be discussed.


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