Device to non-invasively assess the cardiovascular system

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Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of my diploma thesis is the development of a device to non-invasively assess the cardiovascular system. In addition to cuff pressure the device monitors physiological signals and calculates parameters that can provide extra information compared to the conventional blood pressure measurement.

As a first step of this work, I evaluated the indirect blood pressure measurement methods and analysed how the known sources of error associated with these techniques can be resolved by alternative methods. After summarizing what signals are required to measure, and how measurements have to be performed, I formulated requirements towards the monitoring device.

The measurement setup contains components that were designed and built within the framework of Diploma Thesis Design or Project Laboratory 1 and 2, but also components that are available on the market. These elements had to be integrated into my system. These components had to be selected carefully to meet our requirements.

I have developed embedded software running on a microcontroller to perform measurements according to a defined protocol, synchronize signals, record and process data.

Finally the components were put together and tested. The first measurements have been performed using the device. According to the results of these measurements, the device is applicable to gain information about the state of the cardiovascular system. The signal-to-noise ratio of measurements recorded by the device needs further improvement, and some further features need to be implemented on the device in the future, as described in the last section of this thesis.


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