Development of an automated documentation creator tool for an embedded software

OData support
Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of this thesis is the development of a tool, for the team working on the software development of the Electric Battery Sensor at the Engineering Center Budapest Robert Bosch Kft., which would automate the standardized documentation processes.

The documentation is essential to ensure the software quality and traceability, however several members of the team must spend a great amount of time recording each step of their action. In many occasions this only means some searching and copying and pasting serial numbers, code, function name, file name, file version, status information etc. from one document to another. These monotonous procedures could be automated with scripts, and by this automation the team could gain several work hours for a more useful expenditure.

In an economy where deadlines are one of the main adversaries of a developer team, a tool such as this could be very beneficial, not just by accelerating some development processes, but also by achieving higher capability levels of software process improvement standards.


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