Asset management with the support of SAP EAM system

OData support
Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis gives an insight to Asset Management in general - why it was invented in the first place, its purpose and some definitions - , as well as a tool that can be efficiently used to manage our assets; the SAP Enterprise Asset Managment, in particular the Plant Maintenance module. The reader will find an introduction to the world of SAP, describing the many systems and modules available and their connections to each other, building up a complete system network, where each and every component has its own purpose, depending on the business needs. SAP itself is a complex system - or system network – so it comes quite natural that it’s also highly configurable and can even be further enhanced, in case we find, that the standard functions are not satisfactory. To achieve the full functional effectiveness of this program, one should use Plant Maintenance integrated with some other well-known and commonly used modules of SAP, such as Material Management or Customer Service. The document contains the descriptions of the most basic functions of Plant Maintenance and how they work, what dependencies must be fulfilled in order to process a complete work-flow from start to end, as well as examples of optional functionalities and enhancement possibilities.


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