Analysis of Asset Management Methods

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, in the electricity system the majority of the operating devices are reaching their life expectancy, which was determined at the time of the installation, so it has become an important task for service providers and operators to prioritize the current status of these devices.

The aim of the asset management is to determine to the total device population the quantitative and qualitative requirements for the necessary expenses and maintenance, taking into account the expected confidence level, as well as lay the foundation for necessary maintenance and replacement decisions.

Various methods have been developed over the years, which are possible used in the analysis of the aged and damaged equipment and in the preparation of error statistics. Through these models, we can estimate the time of future failures, increasing reliability, and helping in the work of network operators and service operators.

After the design, the fabrication, the acquisition and the commissioning of the device, the life cycle of the device begins, which makes it begins to age, irreversible changes occur inside and operational capabilities deteriorate, so soon there is a need of maintenance. Various strategies have evolved in practice to more efficiently and economically implement the removal of the defective devices from the network.

My Thesis focuses on the analysis, the comparison and the evaluation of the maintenance methods and on the presentation of the various asset management methods.


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