Toolkits in SCADA systems

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

PLC technology is preferred when using industrial automation and process management. Using this technology it is possible to joint control the various devices during automation.

Nowadays this type of process management can be found in significant proportion of different factories.

The basis of every PLC control is a well prepared set of devices from which the complex system can be built up later.

Every PLC management is connected with another visualization system which is called HMI (human machine interface). This system serves to inform the operator in seconds about the actual position and behaviour of the process. The operator has the possibility to intervene.

When a HMI system like this is organised, we should pay attention to the unique appearance of the different devices as well as to the fast data flow. The data should be recognizable immediately on the screen.

In my thesis I had the task to develop a unique set of devices to a given PLC structure which later could be used for other systems management with just minimal modifications.

In the first part of my thesis I have described the PLC data structure. This knowledge is essential for preparing the set of devices. I have demonstrated the environment used for visualization and the completed devices.

There are four different equipment prepared while doing my thesis: a motor (pump), a valve, an analogue display and a PID regulator.

Naturally during a factory process control the use of more devices is indispensable. I have chosen this four equipment because these are necessary in almost every process management.

I have ended my thesis with the detailed description of the operation of one device and the description of the creation of the equipment.


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