Online System for Food Delivery Services

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are many forms of food ordering today. A typical form has been the long-popular phone order system; however, it is increasingly being replaced by online ordering platforms that provide more functions to the customer than their phone order counterparts. The customer can take his or her time on these platforms, they have more time to make a decision, they can scrutinize the discounts, so the organisation can provide more unique opportunities for the customers in terms of the foods they offer.

The food order industry increasingly makes use of easy-to-integrate systems, from courier services to billing, to financial reporting systems. The aim of my thesis is to design an online delivery service that is made with modern web technologies and can easily be linked to the aforementioned systems to ensure maximum user experience.

In my thesis, I will describe the currently available online food order systems and their closely related industries. I will discuss the reasons for the spread- and depict the features of modern web technologies with the use of which I designed my application. These technologies include, for example, React and Redux. Combining the best features of the systems on the market, I planned my online food ordering application in detail. I will demonstrate how an external service, in this case a courier service, can be integrated into the system. And finally, I will analyse the designed web application in terms of scalability.


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