Ethernet-based services in automation with Schneider eyes

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, when we can find Ethernet at the offices and at the households as well as theirs cheapness, the numbers of Ethernet networks have begin to grown in industrial automation. This allows us building very complex systems.

Making my thesis, I have meet with the Ethernet services offered by Schneider Electric’s devices. Through the smallest smart relay to the large PLC we can find possibility to communicate with Ethernet port. In addition, we can communicate with other devices too via Ethernet which are used in industrial automation. Such equipments are the I/O islands, variable speed drives and HMI devices. At building networks, diagnostics and troubleshooting we can use industrial Switches, or we can use IT Switches too. When we are making our application program the Ethernet services makes it easy to do, such as the I/O Scanner, the Global Data and the e-mail. We only need to configure these services, we don’t need to implement in our application program or to schedule massaging. Just need to deal with the received and sent data. In addition we can use several Ethernet services. Thanks to the equipments web servers we can remote configure it, or manage its operation or use documentations. Using FTP we can copy files to the equipments, or backup useful data. The NTP service can solve the time synchronization problems in large systems. And we have other services, such as the SNMP and FDR, which can help to manage and increase availability our network.

At the other part of my thesis I will show the use of these services in an automation process, the production of condensed milk. This is a small problem in automation, but as I want to demonstrate large set of Ethernet services I will use a complex topology and devices.


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