Developing a door entry system with ethernet based remote management

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days door entry systems are placed in more and more buildings. The most common ones are the RFID based systems. Also, it is now expected that building management devices have Ethernet connection.

My thesis deals with the designing process of an RFID entry system that can be connected to an Ethernet based network.

At first I broadly introduce the history and development of RFID technology and the operation principals of

the different types of RFID.

I briefly describe the hardware of an entry unit and the properties and architecture of the PIC18F66J60 microcontroller I use. Then I write about the RFID reader I chose, the internal Ethernet controller of the PIC, and the way I managed to make them work.

I discuss the firmware for the controller, the operation without Ethernet connection and the communication protocoll for remote monitoring.

Lastly I write about the Windows-based test application written in C# programming language.

I close the thesis with a section about the improvement potentials for the entry system.


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