Design of a telemetry module with ethernet interface

OData support
Kovács Zoltán György
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis target was to design an Ethernet-based telemetry module for the racecar participating in Shell Eco Marathon 2016 nominated by the Technical University of Budapest. The module had to measure and transmit navigational data to a remote computer. The remote computer logs and displays the measurement data for further analysis.

During my literature research I first collected data about the Ethernet communication, then I reviewed the information on the operation of the necessary sensors. I have summarized the principles, operational basics and the main steps in the calibration of the individual sensors.

During the hardware design, I did a market research to determine the most suitable components for each functional block of the hardware. I designed a printed circuit board and wrote test software verify the operation of the individual peripherals.

I have developed a software for the microcontroller written in C language, which is able to connect with TCP / IP protocol to a remote server, then send the measured data to the server. I verified the operation with functional tests.


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