Ethernet loop protection implementation on the Lightware 25G video matrix

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis discusses the importance of managing the Ethernet loop and the problems that the loop can cause in a network structure.

First, the most significant basic terminology and all the general concepts of networking will be explained. The introduction of the these are inevitable to understand the following description regarding the Ethernet Loop Protection.

Second, I present the software components and network structure of the Lightware 25G matrix and the Linux operating system running on the controller's processor. After that, the most important network protocols, and network diagnostic sotware tools being used today are shown.

Then I will review the Marvell 88E6176 Switch IC datasheet for Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA) and the DSA chapter that best addresses the subject.

After the literature research, I will introduce the DSA protocol to some of the standard network structures and I will perform some of the related measurements. Based on these, I design the Ethernet loop protection for the 25G video matrix.

At the end of the dissertation, the solution I developed is implemented in Linux in the C/C++ programming language.


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