Building a React platform based dietary habits tracking application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is very popular amongst people, but the number of applications with a friendly and easy to use interface that doesn't deter the daily use is very low. These applications are usually focused on measuring fitness rather than giving a simple solution to browsing between foods.

I wanted to create an application that solves this problem.

The thesis is about designing a well thought-out database as well as creating an application that uses the mentioned database.

After examining the available options for such task, I have chosen the React library.

In this thesis I am writing about the development of an application which meets my expectations and successfully takes advantage of the opportunities which are available in the React library.

The result is a mobile application which gives a solution to the mentioned problem with easy to use interface, without being packed with functions that the users will not use in real life.

My most important future plans with the application are an easier to use data modification and data creation interface as well as user customizable menus and submitting the application to each popular mobile platform's own store.


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