Implementing a nutrition application in SAP PLM

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During the semester as part of my thesis, I was working on the preparation of a Nutritional Health Calculation application. I started with looking after in detail, how the new web technologies were able to become so widespread even amongst the ERP systems. I was curious what were the different circumstances, which made their quick spread possible.

After this, I started to look into the Solution called SAP Fiori developed by SAP. The application will be based on an in-memory database called SAP HANA. I also did some exploration regarding HANA. After getting to know the above-mentioned solutions, I did a comprehensive comparison between SAP Fiori’s framework called SAP UI5 and other popular frameworks found on the market. The other two framework that I used in the comparison are Google’s Angular2 and Facebook’s React.

The next step in my progression during the work of this semester was to check my options regarding the possible development tools. The conclusion was that even if I could do the entire development using only one tool, it would be more useful to use both tools. The reason is that they both have their advantages and they disadvantages and by using both, I can gain by using them for their stronger possibilities.

This was followed by acquiring information regarding a more specific functional explanation of the application. I tried to define specifically what are the company needs for this application. I also created a use-case to sum up everything I had leaned regarding the functional specifications.

After defining what the functional needs of the application are, I started working on the front-end and back-end part of the application. I created a mock User interface without any control or model I created only the views. I also defined a possible scheme for our database.


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