Dietmaker webapplication based on OO PHP

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Eating healthy and hence the making of a diet is an increasingly important factor nowadays for all people, as the modern, fast-paced life leaves no time to decide what kind of meals are acceptable and healthy for us. The application will help you with these tasks by creating a knowledge base of raw materials, foods, recipes, their relations and other specialized information with the power of the community.

Based on the information collcted from users and their personal parameters and preferences, the system will be capable of creating a personalized diet which is taking into account medical recommendations and suggestions in the field of nutrition and calorie intake.

After the diet is created the application will help you to find partners on the site with the same interests as you: following the diet, living healthier and achiving your personal goals.

The system is implemented as an object-oriented PHP-based web application, which is built from the ground to be available for everyone, everytime and everywhere.

The spreading and the technical development of smart phones allows us to easily extend our existing HTML5 based web application’s usage to these devices. In this case there will be only one code base that both supports desktop users with all the functionality and mobile users with the most relevant information they need on the go.


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