Restaurant rating based on social network

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Recently, more and more people have been in possession of smart phones: handsets that are much more than just phones integrated with high resolution cameras. Thanks to the irresistible deals offered by cellular providers, a significant part of their subscribers have access to a mobile Internet connection on their smart phones. Several pre-installed or easily downloadable applications use this feature of these intelligent handsets, enabling subscribers to start a chat conversation or share, basically, any moment of their lives. A few examples of such applications making users answer some famous questions are Facebook – ’What’s on your mind?’; Twitter – ’What is happening with you?’; or Foursquare – ’Where are you now?’ The popularity of these applications can easily draw one’s attention to the fact that humans are social animals. Moreover, they prove that people are addicted to the information shared by others this way. Information sharing provides the opportunity for our acquaintances to be involved in what we have recently experienced or even give a try to our recent activities based on our feedbacks. This simple characteristic of human behavior inspired me to create an application which enables its users to choose between restaurants based on the feedbacks of other users, giving more emphasis to the opinions of acquaintances than those of other unknown users, as people usually trust friends much more than strangers.

As Quintus Ennius, ancient Roman poet observed, „A true friend is tested in adversity.” When someone meets adversity in his or her life, a friendly advice is much more comforting, while one coming from a complete stranger needs more effort to be taken seriously. This easily observable human behavior is the basis of the philosophy behind my application.


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