Developing a nearby restaurants application on Windows Phone platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People nowadays demands more and more information about their surroundings on their mobilephone which are relevant for them and for that mobile phones provides many possibilities and technologies.

In my thesis I developed and application for finding nearby restaurants based on position on Windows Phone platform which has many useful services to make it easier: internet, GPS, navigation.

The main goal of the application is to find restaurants near to the user. In the application I focused on street-food restaurants which are getting populer in Hungary too but most of them is nearly unknow and often they don’t even have websites, the only information about them can be found only gastronomian blogs and becasue of that these blogs provided the databse.

With the help of the application we can gather information immidiatly about the restaurants from the articles of various blogs and with the navigation software of the phone it is really simple to find many differnt ways.

Besided position based information the program provides offline mode where it is possible to search on different criterias such as the kitchen of the restaurant, open hours and districts.

I started my thesis with testing different applications on the Windows Phone and Android Market, learned the basics of Windows Phone developement after that I wrote about the application from the point of view of a user and finally exerted about the developement in details.


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