Development of Restaurant Management Portal on ASP.NET platform

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the biggest problem of people, who live in the XXI. century is to keep their body healthy with the right, healthy diet. As people live a running life they can’t always eat the rigth food so in order to preserve their health they have to pay more attention to create the appropiate diet.

As the Internet has become a very important part of everyday life people often use it for delivering food. However in this short period of time people can’t check what the food contains, what kind of ingredients have been added and what kind of effects on their body could it make. If people could look for the right food, they would reach better results at the same time. Usually the first viewpoint is the price and the content comes after it. But if we could choose the food which contains the right ingredients for our body then we wouldn’t make a bad decision.

In the first chapter I describe my purpose, ideas, and with the help of these sections I continue with almost the most important which is called database management. In this section I write about the details of the possibility of the system at present and in the future as well. With these details and with the help of modern technics and visualization I build up a complex modular web application. As the most important viewpoints we have to mention its transparency, we can use it very easily, works fast and has functions which enhances user experience. With the connection of User Management and the Eligibility System I’m trying to demonstrate the variegation of the utility and the possibility of task distribution in the hierarchy.

In the end after the experiences of the portal’s state and development I close my dissertation with a short overview of the possibility of further development.


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