Restaurant ordering and tracking system development on .NET platform

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the last years the number of internet users has significally increased, not just in Hungary, but all over the world. Everyone is trying to take avantage of the comfort, that the internet brings to them in their work and personal life. The business segment recognized the potential of it and as the web is developing, they are trying to prove more modern and diverse services. Nowadays, the most dynamic sector is the e-commerce, and it’s most significant participants are the various webshops.

My task was to make an application system which consists of two parts, a web application working as a restaurant webshop and a client application, which handles the orders and their status. My work was done with the new generation of .Net tools. The webshop was managed with ASP.Net MVC4, the client with WPF and the communication between the applications with WCF.

In the first part of my dissertation I’m introducing the inlands e-commerce, it’s usefulness for a small business, and after that I’m reviewing the relevant technologies and design patterns in the aspect of the application system. In the 3rd chapter I’m searching for the common attributes of the webshops, and I’m counting the functions and database elements. In the last section I’m describing the webpage’s and desktop application’s plans and I sum up the advantages of the wireframe designing. The main part of the essay is the review of the applicasion systems construction and working process. In the end, after overviewing the obtained expreience, I’m finishing my work with listing the upgrading possibilites and rating.


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