Live working garment examination

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Live line work (LLW) is an advanced technology to provide millions of customers with electrical energy continuously, without interruption of service, it’s for a higher quality in a modern technology. It reduces the number and the duration of power outages caused by works of installation or repairing, whether planned or not planned (emergency) intervention.

Because the metal parts are under electrical power while the technician is performing the repairing or the installation, there are strict rules to protect the technician.

Firstly in my thesis I would like to add an overall description about the LLW and present a comprehensive description of security regulations and show that how strictly are these regulations.

The following section describe the three standard method of LLW, their conditions, the role of the technicians, the insulaing tools which they use and regulations concerning the condition of the equipment utilized. After the description of the methods I introduce the financial benefits of LLW through a specific technology.

Finally the last section compare two calculating methods of protection against electrical arc and compares different safety garments.


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