An application of FCM for increasing usability: An efficient tool for heuristic issue resolution

OData support
Dr. Kóczy László Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In today’s world most businesses have an online presence in terms of a website or an app

pertaining to the needs of customers coming from various mobile platforms. But as these

web technologies and mobile platforms grow, new and better options is available for almost

every online service, in the race for success usability is the key now.

Business owners who can provide their customers with solutions having great usability are

increasing their user base everyday, which in turns reflects as better numbers on pay sheet.

In this era of start-ups where big companies grow out of small garage, a big portion of

best service providers are running on a limited budget. They have to use little resources

for as much as possible. Under these circumstances, a need arises for methods to improve

the usability without having to hire a team of expensive usability experts.

This thesis work aims to lay the foundation for a tool that provides stakeholders with an

efficient tool for heuristic issue resolution, that builds on the outcome obtained from the

automation of Heuristic Evaluation and tool that prioritises usability issues using Fuzzy

Cognitive Maps. An approach is developed to help automate the reporting of the possible

fixes for issues.


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