Implementation of FINA VVB Surveillance Camera System Front-end and Back-end Infrastructure

OData support
Dr. Huszák Árpád
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During the Water World Championship in Budapest the Ministry for Home Affairs demanded to extend their existing security system with the cameras that were used in broadcasting the event. These cameras were operated by the content development department of Antenna Hungária Ltd, where I as a multimedia development trainee was given the task to implement a website that makes available the live camera feeds and the recorded sessions for the operators of the Ministry for Home Affairs. The backend infrastructure for this project was given, but it was extended with various modifications. My thesis summarizes how the frontend in question was implemented, what kind of technologies were used during the process, and how did I get involved with the modification of the backend infrastructure. The frontend website was made on a HTML5 Bootstrap skeleton, it is responsive, scalable, and it is embedding JW Players while running JavaScript. The video feeds from the backend are transferred with the help of streaming encoders in a bitstream of MPEGTS over RTMP to the streaming headend of Antenna Hungária, where they are processed on servers running Wowza stream packaging and recording softwares. These make available the RTMP -> HLS on-the-fly packaging and the recording of the streams in 1 hour chunks. The CDN system is reserved from the cloud (Azure, Amazon).


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