Investigation of FMCW Automotive Radars

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Dr. Seller Rudolf
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In this paper two themes are covered: the microwave FMCW radar and the rectangular chamber, which is a type of anechoic chamber used in the "W-band".

The ultimate purpose is to study a radar and a radartester by the integration of the simulation results of the anechoic chamber.

In order to demonstrate the function of the FMCW-technique, two programs have been coded which shed light upon the problem from two aspects.

The first is a module which helps to understand the relationship between the most important radar parameters, and guarantees that the initialisation of the radar results in a rational input.

The other program models the natural attitude of a user, and shows what radar capabilities are required in practical cases.

The study of the anechoic chamber is loaded with a lot of compromises, but it is still presumable that the simulation results converge to reality.

It has been formulated that most properly used anechoic chambers (which are not definitely formed for "W-band") can be analyzed with the ray-tracing method.

The simulation revealed that in general a pyramid covered anechoic chamber attenuates effectively only if the angles of incidence are relatively small.

The attenuation strongly decreases from 45 degree.

As a result, in case of a study with a radartester described above, it is favourable to place the two devices close.

In this case, however, the relative difference of path lengths increases.

In accordance with the expectations, the simulation showed that the waves,

which reach their target in different paths, take non-existing targets to the radar's field of view, due to the diverse delays resulting from the difference of the path lengths.

If we confront with effects similar to those of the simulation, we have to identify the reason of the phenomena and filter out the disorder from the program.


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