FPGA Based IEEE1588 Clock Synchronization

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Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The question of clock synchronization is a common problem of our every days.

The required synchronization precision is differs from application to application.

For a distributed measurement system precision of microseconds through tens of nanoseconds is required.

The IEEE1588 standard specifies the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which is able to synchronize clocks precisely.

The protocol is commonly used on an Ethernet network.

The goal of my thesis is to present an application of PTP in an FPGA based embedded environment without an operating system.

My task was to design and implement the necessary hardware component,

FPGA System on a Chip, and the software.

In this paper I give an overview about the IEEE1588 clock synchronization protocol,

and compare it with other usual clock synchronization methods like NTP and GPS.

It describes the main decisions of the design process and the architecture of the implemented system.

Finally I demonstrate the operation of the system with measurement results that have been made in a real environment.


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