FPGA based PCI Express board development for real-time audio processing

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Raikovich Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The qualitative processing of audio signals plays a very important role in our electronic devices. In my MSc thesis I present the process of the development of an FPGA based device with PCI Express interface to test real-time audio signal processing algorithms.

My thesis concerns a big area of the electrical engineering profession like hardware development, FPGA development and driver development in Windows environment.

First of all I write about hardware developing. I present the components of the audio processing card and the schematic which inludes these components. I also show the key points of the printed circuit board design and the soldering process.

In the next step I present the process of logic design. Here I detail the construction of the FPGA and how we can communicate on the PCI bus. I also write about the operation of the elements of my FPGA design. Furthermore I shortly mention some kind of audio processing algorithms.

The end part of the thesis is the software developing. I write about the driver developing in Windows environment, about the driver of my audio processing card and about the console application which I made for test purpose. Finally I close my thesis with the assessment of the final product and with the further developing opportunities.


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