Experimental design of FPGA-based data acquisition hardware

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Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

During my thesis work I have specified the basic functions of the data acquisition unit to be planned. Thereafter I started to actualize the certain design phases of this function appropriately. The date acquisition unit is such equipment, which during its operation is able to receive electronic signs connected to it and to transmit these toward a computer unit.

Prior to the planning I examined sensor and actuator units used in the industry, and based on these examinations I specified the parameters characteristic to the connection and function of the data acquisition unit. Furthermore, I created a test circuit and with the help of this I was able to check the basic functions of the display unit suitable for data input and handling. With the help of test circuit I recognized the operation of the keyboard and the display and based on this knowledge I was able to start the planning of the wiring diagram.

The acquisition unit consists of two parts. The first one is FPGA unit, which allows external peripherals to be connected via matching sites. This subassembly handles the incoming and outgoing signs as described in the program, furthermore, it is connected to the computer through RS-232 communication. The other subassembly part is the microcontroller unit, which handles the keyboard and the display module. The display is responsible for visualization and the keyboard for the data entry. I used SPI communication to actualize the connection between the two subassembly parts.

I planned the basic functions of FPGA paying attention to the data collector and to the microcontroller unit wiring diagram. Based on the theoretical wiring diagram I prepared the wiring diagram of the two subassembly units. After the production of the PCB I implanted the modules and I did the necessary tests. Thereafter I successfully I effectuated the programming of the FPGA and the microcontroller. The equipment worked appropriately as expected, the incoming signs appeared on the display unit and on the computer, and the outgoing could be set as it was planned; so I could determine that I successfully had planned and built the data acquisition unit during my work.

During the planning phase I became acquainted with sensors and programming systems used in the industry. I got experience of building circuit while setting up. The working of the system is guided by FPGA and microcontroller program, hence I did these programming as well, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in connection with this.


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