Multicore systems in FPGA circuits

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Wacha Gábor József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the FPGA based microporcessor systems are very popular and widely used,

because of the developement of the technology it is possible to create multi-core or many-

core system in one chip. The computing performance of these systems is highly depends

on the communication method between the CPU cores, therefore in my thesis I studied

the scaling of systems characteristic features which were implemented in FPGAs.

I describe the features of the frequently used multi-core systems and the communication

possibilities between them. I introduce the conditions of the efficient data exchange based

on the graph theory, with them it is possible to evalute the different communication

topology’s efficiency.

To create a processor network I introduce a self developed communicaton modul, called

Router. With the help of this hardware modul it is possible to easily build up a

communication channel between even more CPUs. So I could create multi-core and many-

core systems in simple way. In these systems I measured the maximum working frequency,

occupied slices, power consumption and the runtime of the translator’s different processes

depending on the number of the processors.

The measurement results are given in table and data chart too, for the better

understanding trendlines were fitted to charts. The description of the results follow the

interpretation and the deduction of consequences, then the comparison with the other


The measurements were made for ring, star, 2D mesh and torus topology many-core



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