Development of an FPGA based interface for HPTD detector

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP) is participating in the

development of CERN ALICE experiment as well as in the improvement of VHMPID

and HPTD particle detectors. My main task was to develop the firmware of the

detector’s font-end electronic card (FEE).

I designed a digital system which is implementable on a configurable FPGA.

The design supplies the main functions of FEE and I validated the proper behavior with

simulations. The Actel ProAsic3E A3P600 device was chosen for the design. The

reason for the choice is given my thesis.

The memory capacity of the chosen device generated new problems: the small

capacity of the memory does not allow to store the required amount of data in a simple

way. In the current paper I recommend not only a method for a memory compression

and but also a solution for a memory organization.

During my work I got to know the data acquisition and trigger system of ALICE

experiment, VHMPID and HPTD detectors to understand the functions of FEE.

I developed a digital system design to a non-existing FEE. Nevertheless the

developing of the digital system of the FPGA is possible in paralell with the FEE

hardware development. In addition to my original tasks the design is a potential

realization of the whole system.


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