FPGA based test

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Testing is a key process of hardware development. It contains a lot of tasks for engineers because of the complexity and density of modern devices. These problems have to be solved in an efficient way and, in addition, they consume a significant amount of resources and costs. There are numerous solutions and standards developed to support test engineers during designing the architectures related to test specifications. Beyond the world-wide and popular standards, many developments of new applications have been led by companies and organizations forming the frontline of testing technology. One of these new scopes is FPGA Controlled Test (FCT) which can offer an improvement for the industry.

Role of FPGAs has grown significantly in ICT systems in line with their capacity and resources. A new application of these powerful programmable chips present itself: embedded test and measurement instrumentation may be implemented in FPGAs. Not only can validation after manufacturing or measurements take place inside the subsystem dedicated to satisfy the needs of test specification but also monitoring, diagnostic or self-test functions. Popular forms of embedded instrumentation are included in the FPGA based system. Different interfaces with various requirements are feasible inside one IC package. With this way, complexity and costs of the test environment will be reduced. Beside flexibility, embedded processor may be attached which will be able to control tests and validation tasks of the architecture.

In my thesis I describe several solutions of test automation and reveal the possibilities of FPGAs’ application. I picture the advantages of such a system by developing a demonstration project which show the facts that FPGA controlled test will be an efficient method in automated testing.


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