Developing a multiplayer FPS game engine

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The goal of this thesis is to present the designing and developing of a game engine for multiplayer first person action games. I also created a simple game on top of this engine to demonstrate the engine’s capabilities and the use of technologies and content creator utilities. In my thesis I will describe the main components of the engine and the connections between them. For every component and utility I will present the way how it can be used for creating a game.

From the beginning of 90s the First Person Shooter genre has become the most popular in the video game industry. Gamers often meet the new and sometimes revolutionary technologies and gameplay elements in these games that later become standard in the other genres too. Although photorealistic graphics often gets a high emphasis in this genre, this does not mean that it always overwhelms other elements of the games.

Nowadays there are a lot of platform of video game devices, the smartphone and tablet gaming is rising. If a game developer team wants to target the masses of the gamers then they should strongly consider using cross-platform solutions. Thanks to this good cross-platform program libraries and tools become really popular and desired in the game industry. Cross-platform solutions and content creator tools got a high emphasis in the development of my game engine.


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