FRT System development using LabVIEW cRIO

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis demonstrates the conformation of a high level control software framework of a Formula Student Electric race car in a LabVIEW environment.

The implementation of the task started with becoming acquainted with the whole rule book published by the FSAE. After that followed the studying the concept of the previous race car – FREC-003 – and its new version for current competition season – FREC-004 –, which are developed by BMR Formula Racing Team.

The writing of the software framework started with first steps based on this new knowledge, the writing and the making of the requirements. The current version of the requirements was formed with several iteration steps during the development, also considered those requirements, which made by a unit developed by my teammate, which is related to my device.

The framework created this way is capable of the supplying the basic tasks which can be take place in a Formula Student race car related to the tractive system. The main goal of this framework is the managing and running a control algorithm developed for this platform in a LabVIEW environment as well.


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