Network design and comparison by cost and technical parameters of FTTH networks

OData support
Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In the context of this thesis, design of six optical access networks is realized. According to task announcement two networks was designed in suburban environment and four networks in condominium environment.

As the first step I have reviewed optical access networks, the physical carrier of them, and also the active technologies. I have highlighted GPON technlogy as one of the most often used in FTTH networks. Then I have mentioned some promising idea of future optical access networks.

I have presented ConnectMaster network and resource management software that I have used to implement and visualize the designed networks. I have also exported data – like bill of material or loss budget – by ConnectMaster, which were the base of my analysis and comparison.

In the second half of my thesis I have put down the design principles and the idea behind my decisions. After presenting the steps of design I have described and presented all the networks I have designed.

In the last section of this thesis I have compared the networks by their technical parameters and cost. After that I have drawn the conclusion,that in which circumstances which network is the best to be built.


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